Enjoy results of your great work with high accuracy tractor navigation

Created together with farmers from all over the world to make precision available for every farmer

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FieldBee GNSS receiver

Was created during crowdfunding campaign with farmers from 30 countries.

The FieldBee is a smart sensor that improves the GPS accuracy and can receive RTK signal.

Does not require installation. Just put on your tractor and start work.

FieldBee tractor GPS app

Best tractor navigation app for more than 5 years.

Combines tractor GPS guidance and automatic record keeping. 

Functionality developed together with farmers from 140 countries.

FieldBee auto steer

FieldBee auto steer is a high quality system that works on many tractor models. 

Same automatic steering controllers are used by Claas, Mueller-Elektronik, Ag Leader, TeeJet and others.

Why to get tractor GPS?

Reduce up to 15 - 20% costs with tractor GPS navigation

Reduce up to 25 - 30% costs with tractor auto steer

Perform field tasks faster and with more accuracy

Save statistics of field operations for better decisions and reporting

Work at night and low visibility before the weather changes


“I’ve already tried eFarmer guidance in field conditions and I have to say that you’ve done a great job with this app. I used it with the Case Magnum 280 tractor and Horsch Tiger MT cultivator with a working width of 4 m. It is a completly functional solution with added value in field records which are amazing too.”

Miroslav Dihel


“It is a very good solution at an affordable price. You can use it on every piece of equipment in combination with your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to move it from one machine to another because you don’t have to remove a lot of cables.”

Lieven Dewaele

Our best offers

Tractor GPS navigation

€ 118

  • Guidance in 5 patterns
  • Return to the same lines with “Saved track” functionality
  • Draw & measure your fields in 3 ways
  • Work at night and low visibility
  • Exclude areas and avoid obstacles
  • Save history of crops for different fields
  • Connects to different receivers

Manual guidance

GNSS receiver + Tractor GPS app


€ 769

  • Accuracy 30 – 50 cm if using without RTK correction
  • Accuracy + / – 2 cm with RTK correction
  • GNSS RTK L1 receiver
  • GPS+Glonass+SBAS
  • Interfaces LoRa/WiFi/Bluetooth/RS232
  • Remote service
  • Regular updates
  • Upgradeable to RTK system and auto steer

Auto steer system

Auto steer + GNSS receiver + Tractor GPS app

  • FieldBee RTK base station (optional)
  • Accuracy + / – 2 cm (with RTK correction)
  • GPS, GNSS, Glonass, SBAS, L1
  • Built-in tilt compensation
  • Work with your smartphone / tablet / computer
  • Can be changed between tractors

Online support

Free shipment

30 Days money back guarantee

2 Years warranty

About eFarmer company

  • eFarmer BV mission is to make farmers happy and more efficient with new technologies.
  • We are developing precision farming products for farmers already for 5 years.
  • 500+ farmers are using FieldBee in 50 countries and 200 000 people have downloaded our app.
  • FieldBee app is one of the best mobile applications for farmers already for 5+ years with 1000+ reviews. 
  • FieldBee GNSS and RTK system was developed together with farmers during crowdfunding campaign that was supported by farmers from 30+ countries
  • Our  community of farmers continues to help us developing great new products and functionality that every farmer can use.


Real-time kinematic (RTK) is a satellilte navigation technique that improves the accuracy of GPS positioning up to + -2 centimeters. With this technology one antenna (RTK base station) works as a reference point and sends correction signal to the second antenna (GPS/GNSS receiver) that is placed on the tractor’s roof.  You can have your own RTK base station or use providers of RTK signal that has already a network of base stations (NTRIP provider). In some countries there are available free NTRIP providers like SAPOS  in Germany or FLEPOS in Belgium. 

Smart antenna that receives RTK signal from NTRIP providers or FieldBee RTK Base Station.

Download technical specification

Read more information about the product

Your 5 steps to start:

  1. Register with SAPOS
  2. Download FieldBee tractor navigation app
  3. Make initial settings to pair FieldBee with your SAPOS account
  4. Put FieldBee on your tractor’s roof
  5. Start your work

Most issues that our customers are experiencing are related to initial settings of FieldBee. We have highly rated support team that can help you to solve issues remotely. They can connect to your tablet/phone, make remote diagnosis of the problem, apply new settings and updates.

There is also a risk that the product will not work properly due to some technical limitations (trees, high heels, power lines, far distance to the nearest base station). After receiving the product you will have 30 days to test it and get a full refund if you will be not happy with its performance.

We offer 2 years warranty for FieldBee GNSS receiver and 90 days for cables. Read our Warranty policy

Shipping is free within EU. Delivery time is 7 working days.

VAT is not included into the price.

You might need to purchase holder for your tablet to use it in the tractor cabin.

Tripod for base station is also not included into the price.

You can find a list of compatible devices here

Precision farming can help to reduce up to 70% of cost of food production

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